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About Us

Baez Marketing is a performance marketing agency focusing on much more than call tracking. If you are a business that values phone calls or processes sales through a call center, we’ll increase call volume, leading to more sales.

With recent technological advances that turn tracking into traction, Baez Marketing has been behind the movement and capitalized on industry changes since paid traffic and call metrics aligned. We understand the necessity of quality while providing plenty of opportunities to turn consumer’s information search into an actionable sale.

Our call performance marketing platform delivers powerful performance through desired advertising channels, allowing you to have complete control over sales.

Contact Us

We’ll assist with: ROI Increase in desired channels. Quality leads delivered to your team. Maximizing conversions & sales.

The end product of Baez Marketing’s call performance marketing service is more calls, which in-turn is more revenue. It will be hard to argue with our results, and even harder to argue with an increase in revenue.

If you are interested in learning more about our services email us at [email protected] Let’s talk about buying customers, not ads. We are here to simplify the Internet Marketing Ecosystem for National Brands and Local Businesses alike.

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